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E.S.E. English School

E.S.E. English School specializes in teaching ESL (English as a second language).

We ensure the highest standard for English learning in our curriculum

and adhere to teaching methodology that defines quality and excellence in our system.

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Our English learning system is based on the ETS and CEFR framework of language learning, which are the standard methods of language assessment and evaluation used in

Europe, Japan, South Korea, Middle East, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand,

Australia and United States. The E.S.E. curriculum can be applied to countries that use English as an EFL (English as a Foreign Language).

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The highest standards of academic excellence is the hallmark of our dedication to quality. Such excellence is not a state that we have achieved, but a continued desire and determination to become better. We have put in place a system that enables us to perform our duties to meet the demands of the school's high expectations.


We are committed towards integrity and the value of your education experience with us. As such, our endeavors are directed towards making our learning and teaching methods relevant and up-to-date so our students could gain the fullest benefits. Our value for educating students goes beyond the classroom. We see to it that what we teach measures up to their belief that with our help, we can help them make a difference in the world today.

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E.S.E. implements discipline as a covenant of our mutual respect and goodwill for our teachers and our students. This culture nurtures a healthy learning environment working towards effective teaching and learning. It is our desire that with discipline, we can work towards promoting English education for the benefit of all.



We are committed to the service of education and aim to help our students become better in their lives. We believe that English education is just one way of helping them become globally competitive. We ensure that our service ethics will be able to manifest a strong sense of responsibility, efficiency, and professionalism.


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Shiki-shi Honcho 6-22-3 Ozaki Bldg. 2nd Floor, Saitama 353-0004, Japan